About Ashley

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A quick introduction…

Hey there! I’m Ashley Rogers. I’m an RYT 200 yoga instructor, a certified MASHUP™ coach, an IBBFA barre instructor, and a soon-to-be ACE certified Health Coach (stay tuned for updates on my journey!) I’m also the proud wife of a Police Officer and United States Marine Corps Reservist with whom I share the privilege of raising two incredible little boys who are our greatest source of joy.
I can say with certainty that right now in my life, things are the very best they’ve ever been. I am the happiest, healthiest, strongest, and most confident I’ve ever been. I am the most mentally, emotionally, and physically well I’ve ever been. Simply put, I am the best and truest version of me that I’ve ever been. Now, pause. Am I perfect? Undoubtedly not. In fact, that’s not even a descriptor I would seek to apply to myself. Attaining “perfection” implies we have lost the opportunity to continue developing and I am always seeking to refine my self-awareness, expand my knowledge, and continue growing and learning, each and every day of my life. Still, all that naturally begs the question, how did I get here?
As a fitness instructor with 2 young children, lots of folks have asked me questions along those lines. How did you lose the weight? What do you eat? What do you recommend I do to achieve my goal? These conversations sparked in me the realization that my fitness journey is a valuable source of experience and knowledge.
Yes, I have been through challenge and struggle. After all, no one ever said it was easy all the time. However, it was through those difficulties that I found freedom and success. In 2010, I spent a year living in Mexico where I began walking everywhere and I cut fast food and soda out of my diet completely. The result? I lost 45 pounds and began my transformation.
My next challenge was reducing my anxiety and stress and breaking free of medications so that I could become mentally and emotionally well and happy. Since my early 20’s, I had been on and off of medications for my anxiety disorder. I hated the side effects, the way they made me feel disconnected and shut down, but I also couldn’t function without them. In 2011, shortly after my sweet husband and I were married, I began practicing yoga. While it wasn’t a quick fix, like taking a pill, about a year into my practice, my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states were vastly improved. With the support of my husband, I made the decision that I was ready to stop taking the medications. I’m proud to report that I’ve been free of medication for almost 5 years now and I feel, as I said, the very best I ever have.
From there, I still had work to do. I had to learn what healthy food really is and how to eat to take care of my body. Due to eating many processed foods, I had a typical American, high-fat, high-sugar, high-sodium diet and I was tricked by labels like “sugar-free” and “low-fat” into thinking I was making better choices than I was. I also had a negative relationship with food because I would feel bad about my food choices and berate myself with negative self-talk when I couldn’t seem to stick to a better “diet” and get the number-on-the-scale result that I wanted. Now, I have a healthy relationship with food. I enjoy fresh, healthy foods because they are delicious and I know that they fuel my body so that I can remain healthy and active. Because I’ve changed my outlook on food and I’ve educated myself about nutrition and fitness, I don’t feel deprived in the way I used to when I tried to change my eating habits. I’ve learned ways to prepare healthier versions of unhealthy foods I may still crave (but I also know it’s not the end of the world if I eat a piece of pizza.) In short, now food is a source of happiness for me instead of a constant battle.
Another big contributor to my success has been finding a fitness community. I began going to the YMCA when my older son was 15 months old because even though I was practicing yoga at home using videos from the internet, I was missing the interaction of practicing with a group. I couldn’t go to a studio for lack of childcare and I was hesitant to go to a gym because I didn’t see myself as a “fitness person” as much as a “yoga person”. Fortunately, my husband insisted and we ended up joining. I have been extraordinarily lucky to have landed with an amazing group of people at both of the fitness centers I now teach at and have had the pleasure of practicing and teaching (even through my second pregnancy!) with this incredible group of people.
Now, here I am, a fitness instructor teaching yoga, MASHUP™, and barre, and a health coach in training! My journey has been one of life-changing progress and every single step of the way has been worth it. Now, I see that I have the unique opportunity to take these experiences and utilize them in order to help others recognize this potential in themselves as well.
This realization was my impetus for striking out and pursuing my ACE Health Coach certification. This will be the ultimate way in which I can translate the skills that I’ve gained and the training I am undergoing into the capacity to collaborate with others on their own fitness journeys. I would love the opportunity to work with you to define your fitness and wellness goals, identify and remove the barriers keeping you from those goals, and work cooperatively with you to create a lifestyle plan that will aid you in reaching and maintaining your ideal level of fitness and wellness.