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Go-to groceries for my Quick and Healthy Eats recipes

Recently, my friend Mark told me that he really enjoys seeing the recipes I post and that he’d love to make more of them but that he never seems to have the ingredients on hand without having to make a trip to the store. He asked me if I could make him a list of all the things we usually buy when we grocery shop so that he could try to keep similar things and then be able to recreate my recipes more easily. It occurred to me that maybe other people would appreciate having a basic go-to list as well and so it became the inspiration for this post! Thanks for the idea, Mark! 🙌🏼😁🌟

Creating a healthy refrigerator and pantry is a health coaching workshop that I will definitely be leading when I finish up my certification! It’s going really well, by the way! The more I study, the more I’m sure that this is what I was meant to do! I’m on track to sit for my exam by September at the latest so keep checking in for updates on my group workshops and when I’ll be available for individual coaching! For now, here’s a list of what we typically buy at the grocery store and the seasonings we keep on hand to help bring out all the delicious flavors of our fresh, healthy foods!

A typical grocery list for our house includes some or all of the following, depending on what we’ve run out of and/or what I know we are planning to eat:

• 97/3 lean ground turkey
• Boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders
• Tuna
• Asparagus
• Avocados
• Broccoli
• Yellow squash
• Zucchini
• Green beans
• Cherry tomatoes
• Baby spinach
• Bell peppers (red, yellow, orange, and green)
• Sweet potatoes
• Apples
• Bananas
• Cuties
• Raspberries
• Kiwis
• Oatmeal (we use the 1 minute Quick oats)
• Orgain unsweetened vanilla almond milk (if you haven’t tried this, run, don’t walk, to get some! It is incredibly delicious, unlike ordinary watery almond milks, it has added protein and low sugar as long as you stick to the unsweetened variety, it’s organic, and I use it in everything. I make my oatmeal with it every morning, it’s perfect for smoothies, and I mix it with whole milk to add to my coffee and for my oldest son to just drink because the two together taste like a milkshake!)
• Whole milk
• Fage 0% Plain Greek yogurt
• 2% cottage cheese
• Fresh mozzarella pearls
• Frozen blueberries (for oatmeal)
• Frozen cherries (for smoothies)
• Pineapple chunks or rings (canned in pineapple juice)
• Dill pickles
• Pesto
• Raw almond butter
• Power crunch mint chocolate protein bars
• No salt added black beans
• Dave’s Killer Bread – Thin Sliced

All fruits and veggies listed are fresh unless otherwise noted!

Here are what I consider to be the absolute essentials in my spice cabinet:

• Minced onion flakes
• Garlic powder (not garlic salt!!)
• Dill
• Parsley
• Basil
• Oregano
• Paprika
• Cumin
• Chili powder
• Cocoa powder
• Salt
• Pepper
• Cayenne
• Curry powder

There you have it! These are the basics that we keep on hand. If you’ve got this stuff handy you can make any recipe you find posted here to my Quick and Healthy Eats section! Also, bonus! The more fresh, healthy options you have available, the more likely you are to make healthy food choices, so a grocery list like this one is a great way to stay on track with your health and fitness goals! Enjoy!!

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    1. Thanks for reading and for letting me know you enjoyed it! Since I do share recipes, it seemed like a great idea to share a general shopping list as well! Also, make sure it’s Orgain unsweetened vanilla almond milk! This isn’t a promotional post in any way (although maybe I SHOULD contact them… 😂🤔) but it is far and away the best almond milk I’ve tried! Also, sorry for delayed response, new to this and I’m just figuring out how to reply to comments 🙈

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