Friday Feel-good 15

It turns out that I bit off more than I could chew this week. Literally and figuratively. (yep, I went for the silly pun 🤔🙃) Having my wisdom tooth out on Wednesday and being out half the day because of it meant that I didn’t get all the things done that I had planned to do. It’s life, it happens. I know. But it still made me feel a little upset and stressed yesterday since I tried to just keep up with my regular schedule (and then some! because I also had agreed to sub a class Thursday morning before my dentist crashed my party with his little tooth extraction game plan 😂🙈🤕)

So, today, I have decided to take the day off and rest. It’s one of the most important, easiest to forget, and hardest to follow through with concepts about choosing a healthy lifestyle. That the ability to honor our bodies through making choices that actually keep us feeling good is what health and fitness is all about. It sounds simple but fitness is caring for ourselves, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have to be able to recognize the need for rest and recovery and we have to be willing to take the time. I’m taking the time today even though I really do have a hard time slowing down. Although I admit, these extra snuggles I’m getting in with my 9 month old are pretty darn sweet. 😍👶🏼💙

So, what does all that mean about what’s happening here on the blog? A couple things. First, you may have noticed that I didn’t post a recipe Wednesday. I literally just slept the rest of the day after my procedure and despite my best intentions, I just wasn’t able to get the post done in time before hand. Second, it also made me realize that my commitment to post the whole Friday Feel-good 15 workout in written form is too time consuming an endeavor for me to be able to succeed at it consistently. I still want to offer you a written version of the workout in case that’s what you prefer and I maintain that getting (at least!) 15 minutes of fitness is the best way to start your weekend! So, as a middle ground I’ll just post the exercise list and you can use that to work from. This is the exercise list from last week’s video in case you’re trying to match them and beginning next week, the list I post here will match the video over on my Facebook  page.

Here you go! Enjoy! 🙌🏼💪🏼😁 Feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions!

• Warm up
• Child’s pose with lateral stretch to the right and left
• Cat cow

• Plank series
• Down dog to crouching dog, walk in and out
• High plank
• knee pulls to the center, R leg x 10, L leg x 10
• side toe taps, R leg x 10, L leg x 10
• Forearm plank
• Hip lifts (pike) x 10
• Alternating knee drops x 10

• Squat + front kick x 10 each R and L
• Lunge + back leg lift x 10 each R and L

• HIIT INTERVALS – 30 seconds active, 30 seconds rest
• Frog jumps
• Plank bum kicks
• Jack+scissor
• High knees
• Skaters

• Yoga flow
• Vira I
• Humble warrior
• Pyramid
• 3 point balance
• Vira III
• Vira I

• Cool down

• Child’s to cobra flow
• 3 letting go breaths

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