Health and Wellbeing Exercises

Strengthening our social support network for healthy behaviors

I’ve chosen Tuesdays as the day of the week  for posting our Health and Wellbeing Exercises in the spirit of #transformationtuesday since progressing on our fitness journey is certainly about physical health and fitness changes but also about developing our wellness mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These exercises are meant to aid us in progressing in our transformation in all of these areas.

You can see from my photo (excuse my selfies haha! 🙈😂👍🏼) how I changed physically from during pregnancy and after, to present. My #transformation was successful for many reasons. Among these factors are regular exercise, healthy food choices, and commitment to recovering from pregnancy and regaining physical strength. However, my success is also due to the amazing social support system I have in place in my husband and my sweet baby boys, as well as my community at the Y and Steel Fitness.

Research tells us, and we intuitively know, that success in adopting, developing, and maintaining healthy lifestyles is in part dependent on our social support structures. If we are surrounded by people engaging in the same processes or by people who are offering us support to pursue our health and fitness goals, we are much more likely to succeed in reaching our goals and maintaining a lifestyle of health and happiness.

The good news is, that just being part of an online community like this one is a way to strengthen your social support structure, (so give yourself a pat on the back just for being here reading this post and don’t forget to keep checking back in with us! 🙌🏼) The even better news is, expanding our social support structure can be easy, as well! That’s where this week’s exercise comes in. Your goal for this week is to invite someone (your spouse/partner, a family member, or a friend) to engage in a healthy activity with you. Invite them to an exercise class (look in my About section to find my group fitness class schedule!), to go for a walk, or to cook a healthy meal with you! You choose! Be creative and have fun with this process!

Post in the comments to participate by letting us know what your activity will be and who you plan to invite! By inviting someone to join you in a healthy activity, you’re strengthening your own support system, as well as theirs! Be sure to stay connected with me here as well as on Facebook and Instagram

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