Health and Wellbeing Exercises

Replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthy behavior

Recently, you might’ve heard me talking about how I’m working toward my ACE Health Coach certification. That’s one of the reasons I started this page, so that I could connect with more folks, foster a community, and keep you posted on when I’ll be available to begin taking on new clients as a Health Coach. Through this blog, my Facebook, and my Instagram, I can also give you access to my group fitness schedule, to some quick and healthy recipes, to my Friday Feel-good 15 workouts, and most of all, to me! In this post, you can learn a bit more about what a Health Coach is, what we do, and whether working with me as your Health Coach could be the right fit for you! 

My primary job as your Health Coach is to help you identify your unique health and wellness goals, to understand and help to breakdown any barriers that may be preventing you from achieving those goals, and to help you create a realistic and measurable action plan for making your goals a reality. I’ll also help you stay motivated and see you through to reaching your goals. Ultimately, my purpose is to help you become autonomous in your ownership of the new lifestyle of health, wellbeing, and fulfillment that you have created for yourself! To that end, I will be posting a weekly activity here so that you can get a feel for the type of work we might do together. I hope you will choose to engage in these exercises with me to start taking some steps toward a healthier, happier you! I think you’ll see that they really will engender positive change in your life! 

This week, I want to talk about habits. Habits are those behaviors we do without even realizing we are doing them! We go on auto-pilot and literally act without thinking. So, it’s not uncommon that we find ourselves easily discouraged when we come up against the task of breaking old habits. Since we’ve often engaged in the behavior without consciously choosing to, it can lead us to feeling that we just can’t succeed in changing the habit. The key to getting rid of an unhealthy habit that doesn’t serve our goal of health and wellbeing is not to just force ourselves to quit, but to decrease the strength of the habit by replacing it with something that is good for us! 

Can you think of an unhealthy habit that’s standing in the way of your fitness goals? Maybe you reach for a bag of chips when you sit down in front of the TV. Maybe you drink a mocha in the afternoons for a jolt of energy. Maybe you’re grabbing fast food more nights a week than you care to admit because you’re tired from a long day and it’s easier than preparing a healthy meal. 

The first step in this exercise is to become mindful and create awareness by identifying a habit that you’d like to change in your life and the second is to commit to choosing a healthier option just 3 times this week. If you’re the chip eater, snack on fresh cut veggies and hummus. If you’re the mocha drinker, try choosing a regular coffee with whole milk instead. If you’re the fast food eater, choose to eat at home 3 nights this week. (Here’s a tip! Keep fresh fruits and veggies and lean proteins on hand so that dinner can be a 15 minute affair rather than a struggle. Don’t believe me? See my recipe for 15 minute honey mustard chicken tenders with rice, veggies, and a tomato & cucumber salad!) That’s it! All you have to do is choose the habit you want to change and move into this week with the commitment in mind that you will choose a healthier alternative 3 times. Let us know in the comments what habit you’ll be working on and what your healthier choice will be. Don’t forget to check back in to let us know how you did! 

(P.s. The examples I’ve provided are just that, examples. If what I’ve identified and suggested applies to you and you’d like to change that habit in the way I proposed, wonderful, let’s get to work! However, don’t feel bound to just my ideas here, the true success of Health Coaching is that it’s client led! Maybe you have a goal that isn’t related to a food habit or maybe you have one of the above habits but you have a different healthy choice in mind to replace it with! You’re encouraged to bring your inspiration and creativity to the process!)

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